Matter(s) of State

Heraldic Display and Discourse in the Early Modern Monarchy (c. 1480-1650)
Heraldic Studies, Band 2
Herausgegeben von Torsten Hiltmann und Laurent Hablot
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Heraldic images pervaded early modern politics. In particular, the king’s bearings embodied sovereignty and advanced dynastic claims. They became the stuff of legends, as well as the cause of fierce disputes. But when did heraldic adaptation occur? Why was a disrespectful treatment damaging to the political fabric?

By comparing armorial appropriation in the French and Spanish monarchies, Steven Thiry challenges the dominant view of princely image control. Eagles, lilies and lions not only visualized political virtues and vices. Their visual and material dimension imbued them with an agency of their own. Matter(s) of State offers a new insight into the symbolic mindset of the political process. Mystical exaltation, subversive adaptation, and even violent »heraldic« iconoclasm appear as significant means of debating and even questioning rule.
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Steven Thiry

Steven Thiry ist Postdoktorand der Flämischen Forschungsgemeinschaft (FWO) welche mit dem geisteswissenschaftlichen Fachbereich Power in History – Centre for Political History der Universität Antwerpen verbunden ist. Seine Forschung konzentriert sich auf heraldische Praktiken der frühen Neuzeit und die politische Kultur der habsburgischen Niederlande.

Torsten Hiltmann (Hg.)

Torsten Hiltmann is Juniorprofessor at the University of Münster and leads the »Coats of arms in practice« research project, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.

Laurent Hablot (Hg.)

Laurent Hablot is Directeur d’études at the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris where he holds the chair of Western Emblematics.

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